Mission Statement

Kindness, sustainability, satisfaction.

At The Nor’Easter our culture of enthusiasm and passion to provide the freshest and tastiest food will be shown by the energy and attention we give to our products and customers. This will not only be apparent in the quality of the final product but also in the pride we take in how we conduct ourselves.

It is our priority to respect ourselves and our customers by following the golden rule, treating others the way we hope to be treated ourselves. The Nor’Easter will aim to be a cornerstone of the community and leave all those it touches with rejuvenated positivity.

Our Stories

Ronald Musetti

Ronnie is a full-time lobsterman and co-founder of The Northeast Lobster Company. He fishes out of Northeast Harbor and brings his catch directly to The Nor’Easter daily. Ronnie learned the trade of lobstering from his grandfather, beginning at the age of nine. He fished all through school, graduated from Mount Desert Island High School in 2014 and has since become a successful inshore/offshore lobsterman. Ron’s dedication to the his work and community inspired his desire to create a space to sell his and other local fishermen’s catch and provide a fun spot for the locals of MDI.

Adam Fraley

Adam, the other co-founder, is a local captain with a background in the lobster industry. He left the island during high school to attend Tabor Academy, and returned to study engineering at the University of Maine. After leaving the state again to work an engineering job in Washington DC, Adam quickly realized the strength of his love for the Island and knew he had to get back. Putting his entrepreneurial spirit to use Adam worked with Ronnie to develop business opportunities to benefit the local community and enable his return to Maine. Through many brainstorming sessions and business reviews it was clear when the opportunity came for The Nor’Easter that it was the one.